Spider-Man: Home Away From Home Movie

This is a thumbnail of the movie poster for the latest Spider-Man fan film, Home Away From Home

Spider-Man: Home Away From Home Movie

A Movies Project by: Jumping Jack Productions

The most creative fan film of all times!!!

Not only did Jumping Jack Productions create a Spider-Man movie, but we created one that ties in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe plot!

Watch how a 10 year-old enters the world of epic Spidey heroes. Enjoy! Share! Comment! and Subscribe! Give this 10-year old some Spidey Fan love!


The world has suffered through the Blip. The Avengers that remain are busy seeking out Thanos. Spider-Man - Peter Parker - is gone. However, when Peter's cousin, David and his Mom, June seek to clean up Aunt May's summer home in the country, David stumbles upon Peter's secret, and accidentally accesses the heroic powers of his cousin. When a radical teacher, who is fired from her job, becomes David's new tutor, a new villain is forged, forcing the new, young Spider-Man to pick up where his cousin left off.

This heart-warming, coming-of-age story was created to celebrate the 10th birthday of actor, Jack Adams. Happy Birthday, Jack-Jack!


A family-friendly, fun film for all!


72 minutes