Saving the Day

A toy hockey goalie stops a puck while kicking up ice in front of the net.

Saving the Day

A Toy Photography Project by: Jumping Jack Productions

In hockey, the goalie is the brick wall in front of the net. With large pads and an even larger determination, the goalie's job is to save the day and stop the other team from scoring.

In this hockey toy photo by Jumping Jack Productions, the team has captured the essence of the hockey goalie using camera magic, and a bit of Photoshop. Here is how the JJP team captured the magic on ice, with a toy:

  • one hockey goalie toy
  • a can of atmosphere aerosol
  • 3 heavy backlights
  • a 3d model of a hockey net and a hockey puck
  • shards of crushed ice cubes
  • their hopes and dreams

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