Commando: Victory

The toy Mandalorian stands victoriously over the fallen Storm Trooper as explosions rock the background.

Commando: Victory

A Toy Photography Project by: Jumping Jack Productions

Ever wonder what can be accomplished with a 3.5" tall, toy Mandalorian, a storm trooper, a camera, some sparking fireball fireworks, and a touch of imagination? The Jumping Jack Productions team is proud to bring you this latest picture as the answer. This epic Mandalorian toy photo is straight from the creativity of eight-year-old Jack Adams. With that being said, check out the first picture in the series they are calling: Commando: Victory!

It all began on a bright and sunny, Sunday afternoon. Jack approached his dad with the Mandalorian toy in hand and a spark of genius. Loving his son's idea, Jack and his dad set off for another toy photography adventure. They grabbed their bag of toy photography goodies and headed for the sandy area of the local creek. This picture is one of many that came about from that fun, father/son adventure.

If you would like to see the 2nd picture in the Mandalorian toy photo series, called "Commando: Overcoming", please click the link. Please compare both pictures and then leave your comments below on which picture you like the best.