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Jumping Through Hoops: The Origin Story

Jumping Jack Productions stemmed from the creative mind of child Jack Adams when he was only 5 years old. While play-wrestling with his dad one day, Jack pinned his dad to the ground (because his dad let him, of course) and then stood up proudly, stared out into the distance and said, "Please subscribe to my channel."

Not only did this make Jack's dad laugh, but it made him start to wonder if a YouTube Channel would be something to consider for his son. After all, Jack's dad has an extensive history with creative media, having founded his own media company, One Spark Media. With his areas of expertise such as website design/development, video production, graphic design, and photography, he wondered if it was time to start sharing some of the tips with his son. Before doing so however, Jack's dad, Daniel wondered how his son would handle being in front of a camera. Daniel began thinking about a fun way to begin the process.

One afternoon, as Jack and his brothers were playing with a hula-hoop, Jack asked someone to hold up the hoop so he jump through it. When he did, Jack began pretending that he had magically transported someplace new after going through the toy hoop. Inspired by watching this, the next morning Jack asked his son if he would like to shoot a quick video. Daniel explained to Jack what was going to happen in the video and Jack was super excited to do it. After 15 minutes, Jack and his dad took the video footage back to his dad's desk, where Daniel began sharing with his son how video editing and composting works. This video became the very first video they created: "Jumping Through Hoops". This video not only spawned the idea for the channel, but it also inspired the brand's logo (a figure jumping through a hoop).

What A Blast: The First Film

After seeing how well Jack handled the first video, Daniel decided to create a short film called "Sonic Nerf Blast", which combined their enjoyment of movies and Nerf guns because...well, after all...Nerf guns are awesome! This project is a short sketch about a father and son who are enjoying a game of Nerf Gun tag. When the dad gets a bit carried away, Jack has to use his new Sonic Nerf Blast toy gun to cool things off.

The purpose of this 2nd video project was mainly to see how well Jack would handle short film work as a 5 year old child: doing multiple takes of the same shot, reciting lines, etc. Early one Saturday morning, Jack and his daddy took to the outside world with cameras, microphones, and a big swimming pool full of refreshing water. After filming and editing, the final product was complete. The "Sonic Nerf Blast" short film was a great success and a lot of fun to make. More importantly, it confirmed for Daniel that his son would do just fine in front of a camera.

Channeling the Creativity: The YouTube Saga

After talking it over with his wife, Jack's dad and mom took Jack out for dinner one night and asked him if he would like to create a YouTube Channel. With great excitement and a mouthful of Mac-N-Cheese, Jack showed his support for the idea. The rest of dinner was spent talking, planning, laughing, and learning. After talking about everything over dinner, the Adams family decided that if they were going to make a channel, they wanted the Channel to be something more than just "fun". They all agreed that YouTube was already full of "fun" things that did nothing to better the viewer. The Adams family wanted their channel to be inspirational, educational, as well as fun. "Kids teaching kids" was the slogan they kept coming back to over and over. From that day forward, there was no looking back. From that dinner, came the idea for the channel's first "real" project, a short film called "Keep Reading" which is a tale about a young boy who has abandoned the joy of reading, thus allowing his imagination to suffer. Keep Reading was a big success at Jack's elementary school when the Principal decided to play the film for the entire school. The excitement on Jack's face as kids kept shouting in the halls, "Keep reading!" was priceless. It was evidence to the family that the content for the channel could spark the reaction from viewers - young and old alike - that they were hoping for.

Jumping Jack and Production: The Family Team

The process for the family team is usually the same every time for the different projects. Together, Jack and his parents will brainstorm the idea for the project. Being the vibrant and full of life youngster that he is, Jack is normally the star of the project with his bright eyes and adorable smile bringing life to the camera. Behind that camera is where Daniel normally spends his time, unless he's lucky enough to be awarded a cameo role as an actor. Over the years however, Jack has been learning more of the camera work and is even now growing in his knowledge of post production. Jack's Mom, Heather is the life behind every single project, pouring her encouragement, love, and fantastic ideas into the projects each step of the way. Together, they are the Adams family. Online...they are Jumping Jack Productions.

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