GI Jack: Rumble In The Jungle

A group of GI Joe toy soldiers storm the swampy beaches of the jungle while taking on heavy explosions in this toy photography picture by Jumping Jack Productions.

GI Jack: Rumble In The Jungle

A Toy Photography Project by: Jumping Jack Productions

We've all heard of the GI Joe's before, but in this epic toy photography battle, you can now witness the rise of the GI Jack's!

The Jumping Jack Productions team is proud to bring you this Rumble In The Jungle toy photography picture. In one photograph, you will get to see the GI Jack Squad in action, fighting against enemy explosions as their "eyes in the sky" helicopter tries to clear the path from above. While using exploding, crackling bar fireworks, some fun sparklers, and a bomb of creativity, the JJP Team is thrilled to include this Rumble In The Jungle toy photograph into their portfolio of work.

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