Fortnine Birthday Royale

Jack of Jumping Jack Productions stands on the field of battle against toy Fortnite characters. Will he get battle royale?

Fortnine Birthday Royale

A Toy Photography Project by: Jumping Jack Productions

What's better than 1 Fortnite Toy Photography picture? How about 2 Fortnite toy photos!!

The Jumping Jack Productions team is proud to bring you a picture that was not planned from the beginning of the photo shoot, but came together so nicely as an after thought. The idea behind this toy photograph was to imitate a famous Fortnite picture. Here is the image we started with:

A famous Fortnite image showing the different cartoon characters in battle.

With some toys laying around the house, the help of the nephew Joey, and a bit of creative imagination, we were able to create the next Fortnite Toy Photography picture titled, "Fortnine, Birthday Royale". Obviously, there were some things that we had to change, and even some things that we added for fun. How well do you think we imitated this picture? Let us know in the comments below.

If you would like to see a Fortnite Toy Photograph Behind The Scenes video, click on this link here: Fortnine Behind The Scenes.