La Solar

What do you get when you cross a science class assignment to make a video commercial about a renewable energy source and the creative mind of Jack Adams of Jumping Jack Productions? Well, you’re about to find out. This video is a short, 1-minute long commercial that parody’s the silliness […]

“Duh” Podcast Episode 1: The Water Cycle

Welcome to learning like you’ve never seen it before – the Jumping Jack Productions way! When tasked in 6th grade science class to create a podcast explaining what would happen if there was no water cycle, the creative genius of Jack Adams kicked into overdrive. Creating a fictitious character named […]

5-Second Rule: Fact or Fiction

WINNER OF THE 2024 MIDDLE SCHOOL GEORGIA CYBER ACADEMY SCIENCE FAIR 6th grade can be a fun time for kids, especially when it comes to the annual Science Fair! Jack Adams entered his school’s science fair with a project question that people of all ages can relate to, “Should I […]

Puppets In Chernobyl: A 6th Grade Social Studies Project

Puppets in Chernobyl - An Educational Creative Chernobyl Class Trip with Puppets by Jumping Jack Productions

Visit Chernobyl with the talented Jack Adams like you’ve ever experienced it before! Mr. B and his class of puppets travel to Ukraine in a fun, creative way to explain the event that happened in Chernobyl, and why it will take 20,000 years to heal the land. Watch, Like, and […]

Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

Jack Adams presents a 5th grade report on the Berlin Wall, like you’ve never seen it before…unless, you’ve actually seen a Lego Berlin Wall? Using the magic of green screen, 5th grader at Georgia Cyber Academy, Jack Adams transports us back to Berlin with this comical rendition of his report. […]

The Past-ifier: Westward Expansion 5th Grade Project

Jack Adams delivers an incredible performance… (actually 2 incredible performances) in this project for his 5th grade Social Studies class about Westward Expansion. Watch, laugh and learn as Jack takes a dive into the past to learn about things such as the Transcontinental Railroad and the Homestead Act. Don’t forget […]