Drink More Water

A toy Incredible Hulk smashes a 2 liter of soda while surrounded by many bottles of water.

Drink More Water

A Toy Photography Project by: Jumping Jack Productions

Wait! This isn't just another Toy Photography project from Jumping Jack Productions about water, this is great advice! This is a call-to-action from the Incredible Hulk himself. We need to drink more water!

Too many youngsters are filling their bellies with soda and other sugary drinks. But in this latest photo by the JJP Team, the toy Incredible Hulk reminds us all that we should HULK SMASH the amount of soda we drink and instead drink more water instead.

Using many bottles of water, and some clever wire-rigging, this toy photography project promises some crisp and clear water visuals, with a message that is even more clear. This is not just toy photography, this is toy advice. If you would like to see what inspired this creative picture, please watch the video that Jack Adams put together for his school talent show, demonstrating how the Drink More Water photo was put together. You don't want to miss this.