Lord of the Books

“One Book to Rule Them All, One Book for Reading, One Book to Photograph, and in the darkness, free them.” This toy photography picture by the Jumping Jack Productions team was originally forged from the idea of creating a picture for one of Jack’s 5th grade teachers who happens to […]

How To Do Toy Photography Like A Pro

How to Do Toy Photography Like A Pro by Jumping Jack Productions

Hey everyone! Today, I spent the day taking pictures of hockey and football toys, and I want to share my methods with you all. Toy photography is a unique and creative way to capture the playful spirit of your toys, and I’m here to show you how a child does […]

Fortnine Behind The Scenes

Jack and Jonesy form a Fortnite wallpaper in a video called Fortnine Birthday Royale by Jumping Jack Productions.

Attention all fans of Fortnite! Enjoyers of toys…lend us your ears! With Jack’s 9th Birthday approaching, his dad thought it would be fun to put together some Fortnite Toy Photography pictures for his son. This video, which we call Fortnine, Birthday Royale, is all about how those pictures came together. […]

Civil War: Speed Art

Watch a 2-minute version of how the Jumping Jack Productions team put the Civil War Toy Photography picture together in this Speed Art Video. Narrated by Jack and his dad, the JJP team gives insight into the process of taking this picture as you get a glimpse of their post […]

The Getaway: Behind The Scenes

Did you ever wish you could be shrunk down small enough to climb inside of your toys and play? Ever wonder what that would look like? For the Jumping Jack Productions team, this life-long dream has now become a reality…and you can watch to see how we did it! Mixing […]

Drink More Water: Behind The Scenes

A toy Incredible Hulk smashes a 2 liter of soda while surrounded by many bottles of water.

While pondering what project to submit for his third grade, Talent Show, student Jack Adams of Georgia Cyber Academy decided to combine his love for toy photography with something that was near and dear to his heart. The “Drink More Water” toy photograph was created to inspire Jack’s dad – […]

Never Forget: Behind the Scenes

This epic, toy photography project by Jumping Jack Production was meant to be a test. However, when the final picture came out as well as it did, the JJP Team couldn’t wait to share it with you all. Want to see the process it took, and the commitment of never […]

Battle Royale: Behind The Scenes

You’ve seen the epic Battle Royale toy photography video by Jumping Jack Productions. Now…see how it was made. The JJP Team takes you behind the scenes of the cold, wintery day where they braved the wind and the weather to take some awesome pictures just for you. If you haven’t […]

2D or Not 2D BTS

Watch some of the hysterical outtakes that took place during the filming of the 2D or Not 2D short film. Watch. Laugh. Share. Repeat.