Battle Royale

A tag team of GI Joe toys travel through dangerous lands in their toy truck. A massive explosion lifts their truck onto two wheels. One GI Joe keeps firing his weapon as the enemy flies through the air from the battle.

Battle Royale

A Toy Photography Project by: Jumping Jack Productions

Welcome to the Battle Royale.....of toy photography!

This photograph has everything you could ever want from a toy picture: GI Joes, fire, explosions, sparklers, smoke. I mean....WOW! What a "blast" it was to make this picture.

The Jumping Jack Productions team had a lot of fun putting together this Battle Royale picture. Propping the truck on the two side wheels and lighting fires underneath it (making sure not to lite any of the toys on fire), the JJP Team pulled out all the stops on this one. Make sure to check out the Behind The Scenes of this picture and leave us your comments and feedback.