Cookies for Kittens – An Animated Lego Short Film

When the 2024 Talent Show arrived at Jack’s school, Georgia Cyber Academy, he wanted to try his hand at something different. After some brainstorming and creative planning, Jack decided to try and make a 3D animated Lego short film. Jack thrust himself into learning the software, Blender 3D and after […]

2D or Not 2D

“2D or not 2D. That is the question.” When Jack’s Dad overhears his son trying to quote Shakespeare, he gets an answer to a question he didn’t even know he was asking. This short film was created as a two-part project. First: The Jumping Jack Productions team loves making fun […]

Nerf Hunters Episode 1: The Can’t Monster

Youngster Gabe is ready to start Kindergarten, until the Can’t Monster starts whispering into his ear and causing doubt. Will the Nerf Hunters be able to track down the vile monster and stop him before its too late? Watch to find out.

Keep Reading

A young boy stares at a pair of old keys that he has found.

This third video from Jumping Jack Productions is a short filmed aimed at teaching kids that reading is more than a task in school, but a key to unlock our imaginations and creativity. When you’re done watching, make sure to check out the Behind The Scenes as well. Watch and […]

Sonic Nerf Blast

When Jack’s dad decided to try a short film with his son for the first time, he could think of no better plan than involving Nerf Guns. That is where the idea for Sonic Nerf Blast was born. On a hot, sunny day in Georgia, Jack and his dad are […]