La Solar

What do you get when you cross a science class assignment to make a video commercial about a renewable energy source and the creative mind of Jack Adams of Jumping Jack Productions? Well, you’re about to find out. This video is a short, 1-minute long commercial that parody’s the silliness […]

The Lasting Connection

During his 6th grade school year at Georgia Cyber Academy, an art contest was launched for the students. The theme behind the contest was, “How Do I Connect with the World?” Jack Adams began brainstorming and thinking; thinking and brainstorming. Finally, after a few days, Jack had an idea. It […]

“Duh” Podcast Episode 1: The Water Cycle

Welcome to learning like you’ve never seen it before – the Jumping Jack Productions way! When tasked in 6th grade science class to create a podcast explaining what would happen if there was no water cycle, the creative genius of Jack Adams kicked into overdrive. Creating a fictitious character named […]

Cookies for Kittens – An Animated Lego Short Film

When the 2024 Talent Show arrived at Jack’s school, Georgia Cyber Academy, he wanted to try his hand at something different. After some brainstorming and creative planning, Jack decided to try and make a 3D animated Lego short film. Jack thrust himself into learning the software, Blender 3D and after […]

5-Second Rule: Fact or Fiction

WINNER OF THE 2024 MIDDLE SCHOOL GEORGIA CYBER ACADEMY SCIENCE FAIR 6th grade can be a fun time for kids, especially when it comes to the annual Science Fair! Jack Adams entered his school’s science fair with a project question that people of all ages can relate to, “Should I […]

Puppets In Chernobyl: A 6th Grade Social Studies Project

Puppets in Chernobyl - An Educational Creative Chernobyl Class Trip with Puppets by Jumping Jack Productions

Visit Chernobyl with the talented Jack Adams like you’ve ever experienced it before! Mr. B and his class of puppets travel to Ukraine in a fun, creative way to explain the event that happened in Chernobyl, and why it will take 20,000 years to heal the land. Watch, Like, and […]

Lord of the Books

“One Book to Rule Them All, One Book for Reading, One Book to Photograph, and in the darkness, free them.” This toy photography picture by the Jumping Jack Productions team was originally forged from the idea of creating a picture for one of Jack’s 5th grade teachers who happens to […]

Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

Jack Adams presents a 5th grade report on the Berlin Wall, like you’ve never seen it before…unless, you’ve actually seen a Lego Berlin Wall? Using the magic of green screen, 5th grader at Georgia Cyber Academy, Jack Adams transports us back to Berlin with this comical rendition of his report. […]

How To Do Toy Photography Like A Pro

How to Do Toy Photography Like A Pro by Jumping Jack Productions

Hey everyone! Today, I spent the day taking pictures of hockey and football toys, and I want to share my methods with you all. Toy photography is a unique and creative way to capture the playful spirit of your toys, and I’m here to show you how a child does […]

The Past-ifier: Westward Expansion 5th Grade Project

Jack Adams delivers an incredible performance… (actually 2 incredible performances) in this project for his 5th grade Social Studies class about Westward Expansion. Watch, laugh and learn as Jack takes a dive into the past to learn about things such as the Transcontinental Railroad and the Homestead Act. Don’t forget […]