Search and Rescue

A toy firefighter and toy dog search through burning remains.

Search and Rescue

A Toy Photography Project by: Jumping Jack Productions

It's getting HOT in here! Time to call for help from the Jumping Jack Productions team. And this latest Toy Photography project is the answer to that call.

The JJP team has gone above and beyond the call of duty on this latest project, mixing their love of toy photographs with their heart of service. Photographed outside where Jack Adams had built a wall out of large stones, the team embarked on a daring mission to photograph a GI Joe firefighter and service dog on a daring mission through a burning environment. In their first use of fire for toy photography, Jumping Jack Productions is proud to present this heroic photograph.

This picture would make a great piece of art for any hero in your life, dog lover, or toy fanatic. Make sure to order your wall print today from the JJP Brand Online Store.