Fortnine Behind The Scenes

Jack and Jonesy form a Fortnite wallpaper in a video called Fortnine Birthday Royale by Jumping Jack Productions.

Fortnine Behind The Scenes

A Behind The Scenes Project by: Jumping Jack Productions

Attention all fans of Fortnite! Enjoyers of toys...lend us your ears!

With Jack's 9th Birthday approaching, his dad thought it would be fun to put together some Fortnite Toy Photography pictures for his son. This video, which we call Fortnine, Birthday Royale, is all about how those pictures came together.

Watch as you see the help we got, the toys we used, and the fun we had putting these latest Jumping Jack Production Toy Photography pictures together using some awesome Fortnite toys!

Below, you will find the links for the 2 pictures we created. Check them out!