The Lasting Connection

During his 6th grade school year at Georgia Cyber Academy, an art contest was launched for the students. The theme behind the contest was, “How Do I Connect with the World?” Jack Adams began brainstorming and thinking; thinking and brainstorming. Finally, after a few days, Jack had an idea. It […]

Magic Man

Kansas City Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes leans to the side and throws a pass while a magical explosion envelops him in a cloud of smoke and light.

The Jumping Jack Productions team is a big fan of football, and the Kansas City Chiefs!

Saving the Day

A toy hockey goalie stops a puck while kicking up ice in front of the net.

In hockey, the goalie is the brick wall in front of the net. With large pads and an even larger determination, the goalie’s job is to save the day and stop the other team from scoring. In this hockey toy photo by Jumping Jack Productions, the team has captured the […]

Face Off

Two hockey toys face off on ice, fighting for the puck as they kick up ice.

Jumping Jack Productions has taken toy photography to the ice with this first, of their hockey pictures. Jack and his dad have recently started getting into hockey and thought that photographing some of Jack’s hockey toys would be a blast. After freezing a tray of water in the freezer overnight, […]

Pops For Patients Toy Photography

A group of random toys welcomes an injured Funko Pops toy to the party.

Toy Photography is an exciting and fun adventure for the team at Jumping Jack Productions. However, every now and then you stumble across an opportunity to use toy photography to encourage someone else. Fellow Toy Photographer SirDork put out a challenge on his YouTube channel to bring awareness to a […]

Be a Buddy Not a Bully

This was a project that we came up with based on a “Don’t Be A Bully” campaign that Jack was having at school. He thought this would be a great picture to encourage others to help people instead of hurting them. Therefore, be a buddy, not a bully. We hope […]

Fortnine Dropping In for Victory

Jack of Jumping Jack Productions jumps out of a toy Battle Bus alongside other Fortnite toy characters.

This Fortnite Toy Photography projects was the original project that the Jumping Jack Productions dad had for his son Jack’s 9th birthday party. He envisioned a picture of Jack jumping out of the toy Battle Bus and dropping into the fight. He wanted to create something that would inspire his […]

Fortnine Birthday Royale

Jack of Jumping Jack Productions stands on the field of battle against toy Fortnite characters. Will he get battle royale?

What’s better than 1 Fortnite Toy Photography picture? How about 2 Fortnite toy photos!! The Jumping Jack Productions team is proud to bring you a picture that was not planned from the beginning of the photo shoot, but came together so nicely as an after thought. The idea behind this […]

Commando: Overcoming

The toy Mandalorian stands tall after overcoming the battle. Giant explosions rock the desert sands.

While out on an adventure, the Jumping Jack Productions team captured so many epic photos, like this Mandalorian toy picture! They loved them all so much, that they had to release a 2nd one. This picture, simply titled, “Commando: Overcoming” is all about standing tall and overcoming the obstacles of […]

Commando: Victory

The toy Mandalorian stands victoriously over the fallen Storm Trooper as explosions rock the background.

Ever wonder what can be accomplished with a 3.5″ tall, toy Mandalorian, a storm trooper, a camera, some sparking fireball fireworks, and a touch of imagination? The Jumping Jack Productions team is proud to bring you this latest picture as the answer. This epic Mandalorian toy photo is straight from […]