Sample Math IA 4

Welcome to your Sample Math IA 4

What fraction is represented by the shaded part of the image below?

Which fraction below is equivalent to 2/8

Jack had 47 darts to load into his 9 Nerf Guns. Each Nerf gun could hold 6 darts. How many more darts will Jack need to make sure that all of his Nerf guns are filled?

What is the remainder for the following division problem: 550 รท 12

It was a dark and stormy night. Jack and his Daddy were storming the haunted castle with their Nerf guns, ready to take on the Zombies lurking in the dark. The haunted house was tall. Very tall. There were 4 floors in this haunted house and each floor needed to be cleared of all the Zombies. That was their mission. The first floor only had 4 zombies. The second floor had twice as many zombies as the first floor. The third floor had half the amount of zombies as the first and second floors combined. And the fourth floor had 1 king zombie named Gert. How many nerf darts will Jack and his daddy need in order to complete the mission of clearing the house of all zombies if it takes 2 darts to kill every zombie.

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